Wearing Diesel and H&M

Wearing Diesel and H&M

Boots and Sweater Diesel  |   Trousers, coat and Fedora hat H&M   |   Ear Studs PERSUEDE

Yesterday I was wearing this outfit when I met up with Amalie Wessel and Ilirida Krasniqi – had to teach them how to get a grip on all the practical things regarding having a business. I can damn well understand why they think it seems a bit confusing and complicated when it comes to tax accounting, bookkeeping etc. BUT as with so much else, it’s super easy once you’ve learned. BTW Astrid Olsen stopped by too, to pick up some jewellery for an exciting collaboration between her and PERSUEDE. Stay tuned, I will keep you posted! It’s going to be GOOOOOD!

February 7, 2017

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