Tivoli Copenhagen

June 3, 2017

It was definitely a Friday well spent. We was invited to the Medina concert last friday by Tivoli and at the same time we was offered to #takeover the @fredagsrock Instagram Story to document the highlights.

Style Diary

NO Rush

May 26, 2017

These one-day-holidays has a relaxed and chilled atmosphere, probably because everyone just enjoys a day off and makes most of it during the sunny hours. For me, as an independent entrepreneur, it’s just yet another day with work and whatelse it brings. I don’t complain – I love what I do – and I like the idea of these one-day-holidays. I just hate that I can’t go grocery shopping, since I always forget doing it the day before the whole city basically shuts down. Cheers, and enjoy your day off …

Sunglasses from Acne Studios *
Oversized Long-Sleeved T-Shirt from Acne Studios *
White Denim Jeans from Weekday
Sneakers from Nike
Jewellery from PERSUEDE Jewellery

* affiliate link

The Book

My New PERSUEDE Jeweler

May 20, 2017

YES, yes, yes! I’ve got a new jeweler and couldn’t be happier for this new collaboration. Not only is the craftsmanship better than before, the communication is also much better and she even adheres to all deadlines – something that really lacked in my collaboration with my then jeweler.

My new jeweler is Susan and is really amazing, so I feel really lucky to have gotten her on board PERSUEDE. It’s actually her who has helped to realize many of the styles from the new RONDEUR collection that you can explore HERE. If you’re interested in taking a goldsmith course, you should definitely check out Susan’s website and keep an eye out for her upcoming courses in Copenhagen. I’m doing the wax model course at the end of summer! xx