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I love to spend the sunny and warm weekends outdoors, with a cup of to-go coffee in one hand and my little Pablo in the other. After countless days (read: months) with grey skies, it feels wonderful with full on sunshine – the city just gets so beautiful and the atmosphere changes only for the better. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to enjoy the Danish sun, as I prioritize working in all daytime hours, but whenever I can, I enjoy it!

AND maybe I should allow myself to not work in the weekends …

Here I was wearing H&M clothing, sunglasses from Dear Leader, Jewellery from PERSUEDE Jewellery, Sebago loafers and my beautiful watch from GANT. The model is called Nashville and is one of their news.

I’m totally in love with the timeless and minimalist design!

This article is sponsored and made in collaboration with GANT

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