Blouse Mads Nørgaard   |   Sneakers Valentino   |   Trousers Zara   |   Bag Kenzo


Before Paris I bought this blouse from Mads Nørgaard and without sounding like an idiot, I will venture to say that the stripes dress me extremely well. Perhaps I should add more striped garments to my wardrobe. Haha. I actually considered a striped t-shirt from Comme des Garçons, but are very unsure about the color combination… But as you probably know, I love to dress up in simple outfits and this is an excellent example of a go-to everyday outfit.



Here you have some snapshots from my trip to Paris. They are all taken with my iPhone and you have probably already seen the most of them if you are following me on Instagram. Of course I have some photos taken with my camera, which I will present you for here on By Pankalla. The mentioned photos are only outfits. Putting that aside, we had an amazing and pleasant trip – shopping, delicious food, deep conversations, plenty of coffee, tourism, new impressions and new experiences. It was my first but certainly not last trip to Paris.