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S H O T  W I T H  I N S T A X  M I N I  8


I brought my polaroid camera with me on the trip to Oslo to do a post just like the one I did in connection with my trip to Berlin last month. I personally think that it’s a fun angle than just posting a lot of snapshots. I went to Oslo with Lisa and our 4 friends – we had an awfully nice trip. However, it’s recommended to take the Oslo boat during spring or summer otherwise it’s a cold pleasure.

[:en] Shirt + Trousers Weekday   |   Fedora H&M   |   Sunglasses Alexander Wang x H&M   |   Sneakers Adidas I had in mind to get shot outfit pictures by the Oslo Opera House but unfortunately we were running late for the ferry back home to Copenhagen. Therefore we had to do plan b and shoot the outfit on the pool

[:en] I'm on my way to Oslo by boat along with some of my friends. I'm looking forward to arrive in about an hour. As you probably already know I'm half Norwegian. Norway feels like my second homeland although I haven't spent much of my life in the country.[:da] I'm on my way to Oslo by boat along with some of my friends. I'm