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New York

[:en] Sneakers Ecco   |   Trousers Filippa K   |   Blouse T by Alexander Wang   |   Jacket H&M   I was wearing this outfit when I the first day in New York went out to explore the city once again. A very appropriate outfit for that day's chores. These ECCO Intrinsic sneakers, which I am wearing, I mentioned in a previous post where


I took a lot of snapshots during my days in New York and has placed the selected pictures below. I already miss the city and can not wait to return someday. I am thinking about sharing my tips and experiences in and from New York with you guys, which can be helpful for those who have not been in New York and plans to go there soon. I still have a few posts on the drawing board that I am looking forward to create, publish and share with you. Wish you a wonderful week!

[:en] Sneakers Calvin Klein*   |   Trousers Filippa K*   |   Turtleneck + Sweater H&M   |   Watch SKAGEN These pictures are shot in front of the public library in New York City on 5th Avenue, which is placed in extension of Bryant Park. The park is a great place to hang out on a sunny day. Bring a cup of


E C C O  I N T R I N S I C  S N E A K E R  # P A R T O F M Y W O R L D

During my first day in New York, I was wearing my new ECCO Intrinsic sneakers, which has just been launched around the world. They are incredibly comfortable to walk around in and I am very happy that I brought them with me to New York. There is nothing worse than running around in a big city wearing shoes that give blisters and sore feet. This sneaker is perfect in many situations. It is certainly a great everyday shoe and perfect for runners and a busy and active day in the city. The new Intrinsic sneakers are available in various combinations here for both men and women.