Shirt – Zadig et Voltaire
Fedora Hat – H&M
Trousers – Tiger of Sweden
Watch – SKAGEN



photos taken by Ravi in morocco
ft. zadig et voltaire


It still annoys me a bit that we only got to stay at this hotel for one single night since it took us by surprise, completely. At the given time it felt like paradise in the middle of nowhere, just like Riad Yasmine in Marrakech felt like an oasis in the middle of Sahara. I’ll definitely be back there someday!

Ksar Ighnda, Ouarzazate

Shirt – COS
Sunglasses – Acne Studios
Trousers – Zara
Bracelet – Mulberry
Hat – H&M





photos taken by Ravi & I in Marrakech
wearing all white plus a little black

The hotel La Mamounia was probably one of the finest places we found ourselves during our stay in Marrakech. Everything was extremely thought through – down to the smallest detail – and the service was excellent. The area at the hotel that impressed me the most was definitely their spa facility where you can unwind and reconnect with your inner self – see for yourself on my Instagram. If you would like to see how it all looks like, you can find them on Instagram or go through their website‘s many galleries. I was wearing new sandals of leather, a shirt with short sleeves from COS’ SS16 collection, a Mulberry bracelet, the frame sunglasses from Acne Studios and an old pair of Zara wide-leg trousers.


Marrakech, Morocco

Short – Levi’s
Sunglasses – Acne Studios
Shirt – Matinique
Belt – Louis Vuitton
Shoulder Bag – Carven
Scarf – Balenciaga
Watch – Skagen
Bracelet – Mulberry


It was a hot morning when I visited Bahia Palace in Marrakech. I was wearing my new sandals, my Levi’s denim shorts (bought in OU’s secondhand department in London), Louis Vuitton leather belt, Balenciaga silk scarf, classic white shirt from Matinique, bracelet from Mulberry, Acne Studios frame sunglasses, Carven shoulder bag in leather, H&M fedora hat and a black Skagen wristwatch.




photos taken by Ravi & I in Marrakech
exploring the bahia palace in marrakech





If you’re in Marrakech, you should go explore some of the many palaces that are to find in the Moroccan capital. One of them that I can recommend to visit during a stay in the city is the Bahia Palace, which is located near the Medina. It only costs 10 dirhams to step through the gates, which is equivalent to 1 EUR. The palace consists of a lot of rooms, big and small, lots of hallways and passages, a big square and a large and a few small courtyards. My favorite is definitely the large open square space, as seen on the picture above.


Marrakech, Morocco

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Shorts WEEKDAY   |   Belt LOUIS VUITTON   |   T-Shirt SELECTED (Zalando)

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Before we went to Morocco, we talked about planning a trip to the Sahara desert, but the idea was quickly rejected out of hand since it’s a 10-hour long drive from Marrakech and it just didn’t seem manageable. BUT during our stay in the mountains, we were told that the Sahara was only about 120 miles away from our hotel, which was why we very spontaneously chose to drive to the desert on the outskirts of Morocco.

It was probably the best decision we took on this trip, because as you might have seen on Snapchat, we spent the day exploring the desert by ATV and then spend the night in a camp in the middle of no man’s land. It was the wildest experience to stay overnight in tents, have dinner and listen to authentic music in the middle of the desert. At night we considered the most beautiful night sky with the brightest stars, and there wasn’t far between shooting stars. I took a (y) picture of the night sky, which I intend to upload later this week.

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ASOS Loungewear Oversized T-Shirt
ASOS Loungewear Skinny Jogger




photos taken by Ravi & I in Marrakech
from a cozy morning at riad chamali


I had the coziest morning at our first hotel in Marrakech. The pace was set all the way down and to get the system started in the best possible way, I started the day with a cup of coffee, which I always do – especially when I’m on vacation. I was wearing my comfortable loungewear from ASOS, which fit so well with the situation. In the exact same moment as we were done shooting, breakfast was served – I certainly had nothing to complain about.


Riad Chamali, Marrakech

Belt – Louis Vuitton
T-Shirt & Hat – H&M
Shorts – Matinique


On Top Of The Ouzoud Waterfall

I think my present situation demands an update and a little personal postcard from my vacation in Marrakech. We arrived Saturday and it already feels like we’ve been widely around town. Marrakech is such a beautiful and breathtaking city that has a lot to offer and areas to explore. I love the Moroccan cuisine and the warm weather – it’s a bit too hot actually – the temperature has so far peaked at 41 degrees in the shade and sweat pours down of me, not kidding.

We’ve booked ourselves into 5 hotels/riads during our stay here in the northern Africa. The first week we stay at Riad Chamali, an affordable, cozy and charming riad near Bahia Palaces, which is run by the sweetest people. Subsequently, we’re turning our noses against the Atlas Mountains with a 400 km. drive ahead of us. We’re going to stay at 2 different hotels for a total of 4 days before we’ll head back to Marrakech – halfway we’ll stop in the small village, Aït Ben Haddou, where we’ve booked a room at an authentic ksar on the outskirts of the village, which I’m looking very much forward to.

I’ve already shot a lot of great content for By Pankalla and Instagram which will be posted during and after our vacation here in Morocco. In the meantime I hope you guys want to follow along this amazing journey of ours on the social media; you can, as always, find me on Instagram (@patrickpankalla), SnapChat (@pankalla) and Shots (@patrickpankalla)!


A riad is a traditional house/building with a courtyard, which the house/building encircles.
The word ‘Riad’ comes from the Arabic language and means ‘garden’ in English.

Ksar is the Arabic word for “castle” and typically consist of a variety of small houses/buildings.