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I N  M I A M I  &  K E Y  W E S T  W I T H  C E L E B R I T Y  C R U I S E S


Before we went to sea with Celebrity Cruises, we were in Miami for 2 days where we didn’t do much more than experience South Beach and the surrounding area. We ate sushi, went for a walk on the beach, drank a couple cups of coffee, took pictures and did some shopping. When we after seven days at sea, came back to Miami, we took a taxi to a car rental near MIA airport where we rented a nice car and again drove to South Beach. As the darkness fell over the city and the stores closed, we drove towards Key West to visit one of Lisa‘s friends. It was a shame that we only had 24 hours on the island – it is a beautiful place that I want to experience again. The same applies to Miami. Below you can see a few snapshots from our days in Key West and Miami.

[:en] T-shirt 5 Preview   |   Shorts Matinique   |   Slides + Socks Adidas   |   Sunglasses Hennes & Mauritz The pictures above are shot in an alley in Miami near South Beach. It was a very hot day and although black can be a bit too hot to wear in the sun, this oversized t-shirt from 5 Preview was perfect to wear and