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I N  G R A N D  C A Y M A N  W I T H  C E L E B R I T Y  C R U I S E S


Grand Cayman is a really nice place. The bright and clear turquoise water was extremely breathtaking and beautiful. For various reasons I took very few photos but nevertheless I want to show you the selected pictures. The island is definitely a place that I wanna travel to again on vacation for one or two weeks. People are friendly, the scenery is beautiful, the island’s beaches are perfect and the atmosphere is good. However I lacked a proper place to cover my coffee cravings in the form of a small cozy café where I could enjoy a good cup of Café Latte. Remember to follow me on Instagram (@patrickpankalla) where I daily update with pictures that do not see their light here on the blog.


I N  C O Z U M E L  W I T H  C E L E B R I T Y  C R U I S E S


I’ve collected 16 snapshots which together gives this photo diary from Cozumel. I didn’t have the highest expectations for the island and was therefore neither disappointed or surprised. The island has a lot of amazing areas and hidden treasures but the majority live in poverty and you’ll experience destruction, worn areas and abandoned houses – this is primarily outside the center. If you have plans to visit Cozumel, then I highly recommend renting a car as it’s a very perfect, easy and rapid way to discover and explore the island. There’s one road along the coast all the way around and a lot of small and slightly larger streets in the center. It was easy for us to get around so have car rental in mind.

[:en] We arrived at the cruise two days ago and have enjoyed every moment since. The ship is called "Celebrity Reflection" and is below the Celebrity Cruises. The ship is so big that we hardly can find around. We wake up every morning to a spectacular view over the Caribbean sea and orders room service every night so we can enjoy a delicious breakfast on