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Better late than never. Here you have a few snapshots from when Amalie and I was in Berlin for about 2 weeks ago. It was a pleasant and much needed trip which I definitely hope we’ll do again next year. Unfortunately we didn’t take a lot of pictures as we forgot to shoot but also because we had our focus elsewhere. There will be posted a video diary on Sunday. Stay tuned!



A polaroid camera has been on my wishlist for a very long time and I was so fortunate to be given one in connection with my nomination in the category “Best Visual Concept” in the Danish Fashion Blog Awards 2015 (Modeblogprisen). I took it with me to Berlin and shot a polaroid diary.

The camera (Instax Mini 8) is from FUJIFILM, costs 90 EUR and can be purchased in all the photo shops in Denmark and online. The camera works really good and is easy to carry around. I love being able to take a picture and get it developed immediately without having complete control over the final result.

Of course there’re a few settings on the camera but you have no way as much control as with an SLR camera. It has been fun to run around and be creative in the capital of Germany and I think the result went pretty great. Some of the polaroids can be seen below.


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Hat Hennes & Mauritz   |   Trousers Weekday   |   Boots Brett & Sons


It has been a great first day here in Berlin. We started the day off with a quick breakfast on our way to Alexanderplatz where we drank our morning coffee. We went to the Neues Museum afterwards and it was on the street out front that these pictures got shot. We ended up in the area around Weinmeisterstraße.

Here I made a single purchase and then it was time for a cup of coffee at a café located just by the station. Lunch was just a quick sandwich but dinner were eaten at a blogged favorite restaurant here in Berlin. Namely District Môt on Rosenthaler Straße. After dinner we were tired and chose to go back to the hotel.

The last cup of coffee (of course) had to be enjoyed before then. We used the last hours for shooting pictures at our hotel room for an upcoming post and edit photos and generally just relax. Time flew and we (of course) got hungry again so I braved the night’s rain, bought two döner kebab (we love kebab. who doesn’t) and surprised Amalie with a spontaneous midnight snack.