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I’ve reached a point in my life where I would much rather spend all my money on beautiful interior than new additions to my wardrobe. This is rooted solely in that I’ve just moved back to Copenhagen and started to furnish and renovate our apartment on Vesterbro. It’s AMAZING to finally be living in the city again!! As the attentive reader knows, blue is my favorite color, and I think it could be so cool to have a blue ‘theme’ going on in our new office, which will also serve as storage for PERSUEDE. First goal for 2017; buy everything seen above.


Last Thursday I was invited on Sunday Club by Absolut Vodka in connection with the launch of their new limited edition bottle, which you can see pictures of below. The new bottle has a metallic look and comes in silver and blue. The vision behind the bottle is to transform the nightlife through creativity and produce a feeling of energy and electricity to the party. I personally think that the bottles are super cool (and so is blue my favourite colour and Absolut‘s signature colour). I can not really remember much of the night, so the vodka works unchanged and as it should. Haha. Absolut has always been my preferred vodka – I do not like the really cheap vodkas – which was also the reason why I said yes to this campaign. It gave particular sense in terms of my attachment to Sunday, whom also has a cooperation with Absolut Vodka.

You can get your own limited edition bottle in selected stores around the world.

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This post may seem slightly out of place, but I find it highly relevant and that is what counts. The thing is that I have problems with my back and often wake up in the morning with pain in the back and sometimes the neck. I always thought I had the best bed in the world and everyone who has slept in it agrees. For a long period of time I have woken up several times a week with that pain in the back and neck, and that was why I chose to say yes to this campaign with DreamZebra – just to see if their product could make a difference for me. I am extremely positively surprised. I have tested their mattress for two weeks and I have not woken up with any pain since my first night sleeping in the madres. Sleep is so important for people and trust me, I am not myself if I do not get enough or bad sleep for a long period of time.

DreamZebra‘s concept is simple and smart for people without a car. You order the mattress online at their website in the size you want and get it delivered directly to your doorstep absolutely free of charge. They are also offering you 100 nights to try it and if you are not fully satisfied, you can return it for a full refund at any time within the 100 days.

As you can see above the mattress fills nothing when you get it delivered – it arrives rolled in a box. Simply remove the seal and unroll the mattress, wait a little while to let it unfold and assemble air. After a short time, the mattress is ready for use. I have shot some pics and put together a short video that I hope you guys want to watch and go through, and DreamZebra has been so kind to make a voucher code that gives you 250 DKK discount. Use PANKALLADREAM at check-out!

This post is sponsored and produced in collaboration with DreamZebra