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[:en] Not so long ago, I spontaneously got my left ear pierced. I've actually been thinking about it for quite some time, but never came to a conclusion and thereby never did anything about it besides overthinking. I went to a piercer in Copenhagen with my friend - just as company - and walked out the store with a newly pierced ear. I'm

[:en] Sweater - H&M Studio Trousers - Tiger Of Sweden Bracelet - Mulberry Watch - Skagen Boots - H&M Studio photos taken by Ilirida Krasniqi & I in Copenhagen "first instinct is as intriguing as it is addictive" Abercrombie & Fitch has just launched their new fragrance First Instinct, which is inspired by the magic moment when two people meet, and the attraction is intense and instinctive. It's a moment that can't be

[:en] We all know the struggle. Our lips are incredibly dry during the winter season and start to crack if we do not make use of a good and hydrating lip balm. The market is a jungle and to find the perfect balm can be very difficult. It has taken me countless seasons to find the right lip balm that works for me



C L E A N  P E R F U M E S  F O R  M E N


I have acquired all the perfumes from CLEAN and before I will tell you about the scents, I would like to tell you about the brand. CLEAN Perfume is a lifestyle brand that bases its core values in freshness and purity – inspired by the ultimate simplicity. They started out wanting to make perfumes that could be worn by anyone who wanted to feel and smell clean. Now they make products in various categories including fragrances for the body and home. One important thing to note is that they use eco-friendly and recyclable materials for their simple packaging. There are three scents for men and twelve for women, one of the twelve are unisex.