Not so long ago, I spontaneously got my left ear pierced. I’ve actually been thinking about it for quite some time, but never came to a conclusion and thereby never did anything about it besides overthinking. I went to a piercer in Copenhagen with my friend – just as company – and walked out the store with a newly pierced ear. I’m quite surprised by how naturally it feels for me to have one – it feels like I’ve always had it! Now I just have to find the perfect stud earring, so I can replace the one I got shot in the ear lobe. If you have any suggestions for the perfect one, please send them my way! xx



Sweater – H&M Studio
Trousers – Tiger Of Sweden
Bracelet – Mulberry
Watch – Skagen
Boots – H&M Studio






photos taken by Ilirida Krasniqi & I in Copenhagen
“first instinct is as intriguing as it is addictive”

Abercrombie & Fitch has just launched their new fragrance First Instinct, which is inspired by the magic moment when two people meet, and the attraction is intense and instinctive. It’s a moment that can’t be described in words, and you never know when it arises. Overall, it’s all about the moment when you experience instant attraction, whether it concerns a person, a city, gastronomic experiences or something completely else. I clearly remember one of the few times where I’ve felt an instant attraction. The first time I traveled to New York City and walked around the streets, I felt it – I felt immediately at home, more at home than here in Copenhagen. It’s a feeling that’s hard to put into words, an experience of a feeling that you have to feel and experience to understand to the fullest.

First Instinct is intended for the naturally sexy and self-confident man who dares to express his inner feelings. He’s raw and not afraid to take chances and make mistakes. His energy is infectious and his charm is irresistible. The fragrance is the essence of THE magical moment – the frisson of excitement that feels just right. For me, the idea befind this fragrance, points toward the perfect male New Yorker who lives in the most amazing apartment.

The scent is powerful, raw and masculine – it provides a sensory experience with a magnetic attraction. It’s superb for a night on the town and special occasions, but can easily be used as a divine and exclusive everyday fragrance. 1-2 sprayings is just the appropriate amount for everyday use, add a little extra if you’re going out with your friends and you may find your instant attraction. Swing by your local A&F store to try (and buy) First Instinct!

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Calvin Klein has launched a new unisex fragrance and in this connection we went to the National Gallery of Denmark last Sunday to shoot the images as seen above and below. With this fragrance, Calvin Klein celebrates the connection, diversity and the love between two individuals. Whether it is among friends, family or the one and only, does not matter.

Together we are stronger and if we meet without stereotypes and instead celebrates diversity among the population, it all ends up in a higher unity. I am personally quite captivated with this fresh, varm and electric scent that all of the most fits quite well for spring and summer. Currently I use another scent that is more spicy and deep which matches this cold weather. When spring finally shows its true colours, I certainly intend to daily spraying CK2 on before I go out the door. The flacon with its careful choice of a transparent glass bottle, reinterprets minimalism and art in the most beautiful way. In conclusion, I think that the fragrance as a whole attaches itself so fine up against my own universe.

CK2 is available worldwide and can be found in all Matas‘ shops in Denmark.


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We all know the struggle. Our lips are incredibly dry during the winter season and start to crack if we do not make use of a good and hydrating lip balm. The market is a jungle and to find the perfect balm can be very difficult. It has taken me countless seasons to find the right lip balm that works for me and simultaneously enters and moisturize my lips over a longer period of time. I have for about two weeks time, tested this one from Babor and has been shown to work and have a long lasting effect on my lips. It contains valuable argan oil and olive oil, which leaves your lips soft and supple.

I can highly recommend you to try this lip balm. Find it at their retailers or online.


C L E A N  P E R F U M E S  F O R  M E N


I have acquired all the perfumes from CLEAN and before I will tell you about the scents, I would like to tell you about the brand. CLEAN Perfume is a lifestyle brand that bases its core values in freshness and purity – inspired by the ultimate simplicity. They started out wanting to make perfumes that could be worn by anyone who wanted to feel and smell clean. Now they make products in various categories including fragrances for the body and home. One important thing to note is that they use eco-friendly and recyclable materials for their simple packaging. There are three scents for men and twelve for women, one of the twelve are unisex.