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It was a big day yesterday! Not only was it my 21st birthday, I also launched my second PERSUEDE Jewellery collection. I’ve been very excited to reveal this collection as it’s something completely different from the first one – it’s much more soft and stretches more into a feminine expression. However, I still believe that all the pieces can be worn by both sexes – with some pieces, it requires a little more courage from the guys though.

What do you think about the collection, do you like it? Explore the entire collection HERE!

I have been looking forward to announce this long-term collaboration with GANT. I’ve teamed up with the brand to introduce you to a lot of beautiful and stylish wrist watches. When you think of “GANT” the first thing that pops into your mind is clothing and you forget all about that they actually make more than just clothing. It’s a shame since they’re really good at making for example watches for men and women. I don’t want to say anything else at this point, just that I think you should explore their many designs right HERE and that you can look forward to a lot of monthly content with GANT as the focal point! xx


This article is sponsored and made in collaboration with GANT

Bomber Jacket from Damir Doma

Sunglasses from Burberry

T-Shirt from Damir Doma

Ear Studs from PERSUEDE Jewellery

Suit Pants from J.Lindeberg

Sneakers from Jil Sander

Silver Ring from PERSUEDE Jewellery

Bangle Bracelet from PERSUEDE Jewellery

I’m currently dreaming of wearing these styles, which I think would work perfectly together as a full look.

The jewellery is of course my own, which is why you have to check them out, haha! xx

Yesterday I was in the studio to shoot the next PERSUEDE Jewellery campaign, and today I’ve spent some time picking out my favourites. I love the result and I can’t wait to launch my new collection and the campaign. Thank you for a good job to Mia Fabricius, who did a beautiful make-up and to Anne Christine Kjer (Scoop Models), who’s the face of the campaign. AND thank you so much to YOU for your amazing support! xx

Pink Coat from Soulland *

Yellow Leather Jacket from Soulland *

Jacket from Soulland *

I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect jackets for this spring, since I own absolutely no outerwear that’s suitable for the season. I paid Zalando a visit, to see if they had something that would fall in my taste, and they had! I could almost die over how beautiful these Soulland jackets are. I really have to keep back not to purchase the pink coat and yellow leather jacket!

Tent Bag Acne Studios *

Jacket Won Hundred *

Sweatshirt Mads Nørgaard *

Bracelet PERSUEDE Jewellery *

Sweater Filippa K *

Shirt Selected Homme *

Jacket Wood Wood *

Long Sleeved T-Shirt Mads Nørgaard *

Jacket Wood Wood *

T-Shirt Wood Wood *

T-Shirt Filippa K *

Sneakers Filippa K *

feel like cleaning out my closet (again) and then add a lot of new beautiful styles. It’s finally spring and that’s why I’ve made this collage with a lot of great things that I would love to acquire this season.

It will hopefully also serve as some inspiration for you guys.

x x


It’s nothing less than exactly one month since I last published an article here on the blog, and I’ve had a bad conscience every day that has passed during this period. My absence is a result of being buried in work. I must admit that it’s a bit difficult to have so many things going on at the same time. I’m currently working for HUMAN UNIVERZ where I do a lot of graphic work, including design of websites and webshops. Additionally, I have my own company, which PERSUEDE and By Pankalla are registered under.

The past month, I’ve been glued to my computer screen as I’ve been working hard on transforming HU’s new website to something that they can be proud of showing to their clients. AND not least, I’ve worked hard to get a new website and webshop ready for PERSUEDE, which I didn’t thought would be such an extensive project, SHIT! It’s finally done and I can hereby present you to the result. Not only has the webshop gotten a renewed and refreshing design, the webshop is now available in 2 languages ​​and 3 currencies. From today you can buy PERSUEDE jewelry through a danish translated webshop with danish valuta (DKK), an english webshop using British Pounds (GBP) and an international webshop using US dollars (USD).

 *High Five*    What do you think of the result?    *High Five*

VALENTINO studded hiking boots   |   SAINT LAURENT lace-up boots   |   DOLCE & GABBANA derby shoes   |   LANVIN penny loafers   |   BUSCEMI low-top sneakers   |   MARNI sandals

Jeg må sgu indrømme, at jeg ville ønske at jeg bare var den mindste smule velhavende (hvem ville i det hele taget ikke det?), i stedet for at være så skide broke, som jeg nu er. Januar er jo, som vi alle ved, altid det perfekte tidspunkt at klikke lidt lækkert hjem til garderoben. Designer sko er ofte ikke til at betale for den almindelige borger, men når de en sjælden gang er på udsalg, som nu, så er det lidt mere overkommeligt i forhold til budgettet. Farfetch har et sindssygt lækkert udvalg af designer sko på udsalg i øjeblikket, så det er helt klart værd at tjekke ud. Ovenfor finder I seks af mine absolut favoritter.


Photography by Patrick Pankalla   |   Makeup by Mia Fabricius
Models Nicolai Maron & Barbara Duvå (Scoop Models)

I can freaking f ** king finally reveal what I’ve been working hard to get ready for the launch date, which actually was this Tuesday! It has been a long, instructive and very interesting process which has also been demanding and challenging, but now that I’m finally faced with the final result, I must admit that I’m quite proud of the outcome and it all has undoubtedly been worth it. My dream of creating my own brand and my own jewellery collection has become reality. Please welcome my newborn baby PERSUEDE!

The DAWN Collection is a collection of rings, bracelets and earrings made of pure silver. The jewellery is gender neutral and architectural with a rough surface. I have created a collection that caters to men and women who want Scandinavian and minimalistic jewellery made of solid 925 sterling silver. The whole vision behind the brand is to create quality jewellery that has a sense of exclusivity which is also affordable and all thus can acquire the pieces. It’s worth noting that the entire production takes place in Copenhagen!

Our jewellery is the perfect choice for those who want to add some exquisite and simple details to your outfit. With these designs you get the opportunity to emphasize your personality without the jewellery overshadows you or your attire. Precisely because every design is so minimalistic in their expression, it makes them very useful for every occasion, seven days a week.

The inspiration behind the collection is based on own experiences in life – both good and bad. This is something that I will elaborate on later here on By Pankalla. By designing jewellery, I have found a perfect free space where I can immerse myself and use my natural sense of aesthetics.

I hope you want to check out the universe online and follow a long on Instagram.

A new adventure has begun and I’m excited to see where it leads!

x x


I’m sure that it won’t come as a surprise to you guys that I find the Autumnal Textures collection from COS extremely inspiring. I have a passion for everything that’s minimalist with an unique detail – this is what COS are superb at creating – they take use of various high quality materials with the minimalist universe as the focal point of their own creative universe of design. Above you’ll find my many favorites. I’m looking forward to trying the trousers, as they’re very similar to the model that I’ve been searching after for a long time, too long. Explore the entire collection online.